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Indian sex movies – A social taboo

Earlier in the history of the entertainment industry depiction of sexually arousing content was considered a social taboo. It was even banned in many countries. It was considered that this kind of content can harm society. But gradually in films and television industry, the taboo about the depiction of real and intense sexual scenes has been declining.

However, many films, with an emphasis on the urban high class and upper-middle class, rarely does justice in depicting the true values that most have about sex. Sex has been a taboo due to a variety of reasons in films. There are many out of which few involve cultural values. Here these kinds of movies are not considered as a part of mainstream cinema. It is believed to be an independent Industry that produces

Indian sex movies. In such movies both the lead performers are indigenous and it is shot within the boundary limits of the country.

In any country, if a film is produced with such a level of sexual content then it becomes imperative to get certified from the Film certification board of the country.

It determines as per law which category of audience is authorized to watch this movie publically and legally

Mainstream films still mainly cater to the conservative mass population that likes family-oriented content. However, art films and foreign cinema depicting sexuality are watched by urbanized masses.

Legitimate porn industry has never emerged in the Eastern part of the world. Therefore many low-quality foreign-made films that are made abroad are imported and then distributed.